2012 Conference

10th INFINITI Conference on International Finance

11-12 June 2012

“International Finance towards 2020: Will the next 10 years be different?”

Keynote Speakers


Carmen M Reinhart

Carmen M Reinhart is the Dennis Weatherstone Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. She was previously Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for International Economics at the University of Maryland. She received her PhD from Columbia University. Carmen held positions as Chief Economist and Vice President at the investment bank Bear Stearns in the 1980s, where she became interested in financial crises, international contagion and commodity price cycles. Subsequently, she spent several years at the International Monetary Fund. She is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Reinhart has served on numerous editorial boards, panels, and has testified before congress. She has written and published on a variety of topics in macroeconomics and international finance and trade including: international capital flows, exchange rates, inflation and commodity prices, banking and sovereign debt crises, currency crashes, and contagion. Her papers have been published in leading scholarly journals.

Her work has helped to inform the understanding of financial crises for over a decade. In the early 1990s, she wrote about the fickleness of capital flows to emerging markets and the likelihood of abrupt reversals–before the Mexican crisis of 1994-1995. Prior to the Asian crisis (1997-1998), she documented the international historical links between asset price bubbles and banking crises, and how the latter could lead to currency crashes creating a “twin crisis.” She identified the possibility of severe economic dislocations from the sub-prime crisis in 2007. Her work is frequently featured in the financial press around the world.

Her best-selling book (with Kenneth S Rogoff) entitled This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly (Princeton Press) documents the striking similarities of the recurring booms and busts that have characterized financial history and has been translated to 20 languages and won the 2010 TIIA-CREF Paul Samuelson Award and the Gold Medal in the Council on Foreign Relations Arthur Ross Book 2011 Awards.


Iftekhar Hasan

Iftekhar Hasan is the E Gerald Corrigan Chair in International Business and Finance at the Schools of Business of Fordham University, New York. His research focus is primarily in the area financial intermediation and corporate finance.  He serves as a scientific advisor of the Bank of Finland; a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; and a Research Associate at the Berkley Center of New York University.  He has held several visiting faculty positions at universities such as the University of Rome-Tor Vergata, Italy; University of Strasbourg, France; University of Carlos III, Spain; EPFL, Switzerland; National Taiwan University, Taiwan; Academy of Economic Studies, Romania, University of Limoges, France; and Stern School of Business, USA. He is the managing editor of the Journal of Financial Stability and an associate editor in journals such as the JMCB, JIMF, and JBF.

Iftekhar has over 225 publications in print, including 12 books and edited volumes, over 140 peer reviewed journal articles in reputed finance, economics, management, operation research, accounting, and management information system, journals such as the JFE, JFQA, JB, JME, JFI, JMCB, JIMF, JBF, FM, SMJ, RP, OMEGA, JBFA, JAAF, and JMIS.  Iftekhar received his PhD from University of Houston and also received an Honorary PhD from the Romanian American University in Bucharest.